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Get Popular Anthem & Fightsong Ringtones

Friday, March 27th, 2009

UPDATE 11.1.14

Welcome to, no charges for sign up, no monthly subscriptions, no obligations, just free stuff, you can can stream your favorite fight songs or download it via save as onto MOBILE ANDROID PHONES and set them as Ringtones. As for iPhones you have to download onto your computer and save them onto iTunes and convert them to ringtone format. There are many tutorials on how to convert downloaded mp3 to ring tone on Youtube.

We will no longer support individual requests, or converting to ringtones as of now the site is automated

But if you don’t want to deal with it and would like some to do it for you. We would suggest you look into Fiverr Services; where folks doing services for $5 and that’s including converting mp3 to ringtons

Please support and DONATE HERE! or click below to keep content available for FREE!.

Updated  (5.28.11)

Welcome to, no charges for sign up, no monthly subscriptions, no obligations, just free stuff, you can can stream your favorite song ringtone or upload it via save as onto your computer and put it on your phone or have us send instructions on how to download and get ring tone onto your phone.

The latter part required us time, and so we ask for your donation on this part.

1. Your phone must support web browsing. (If it doesn’t,then you will have to download the ringtone onto your computer when we send the mp3 attachment, drag the mp3 and put into the ring tone folder on your phone)

2. Click on the DONATE button below and enter your donation

3. Once you have donated an email will be sent to you with download instructions to get your favorite school ringtone onto your phone and you simply follow the directions.

Is that easy, and enjoy!

Please contact us if you have any questions


UPDATE!!! for iPhone/Droid (5.28.11)
iPhone/Droid/smartPhone instructions

For iPhone Users!!

As you probably know, you cannot download ringtones to your Smart phone from WAP/Internet nor you can send them via Bluetooth or Infrared. The only way to transfer ringtones to your iphone is via the Itunes application.

1. Download the attached ringtone

2. Locate the ringtone file on your computer and double click on it. iTunes will open up and will have to convert the mp3 to ringtone format.

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer . In iTunes, drag the ringtone and put it into your iPhone ringtone folder and you are done.

4. You can also ask us to convert the mp3 to iPhone ring tone format and email them to you at your request.

For Droid User:

1. On your phone browser, you can save as and set the mp3 as ring tone.


2. You will have to download the ring tone onto your computer and plug your phone to your computer and drag the mp3 into your phone ring tone folder.