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How to create a QR Code Scan to link to your website or download link.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

So mobile applications are becoming the next big thing, it allows users to play game, share information, face time, finding facts and just anything in between.

And there is cool app ( Barcode Scanner) that allow user to scan the barcode and upload or link directly from such code.

check out our barcode on our site.


You can scan with your barcode reader and it will allow you to have a link to our fight songs ring tone mobile site form your mobile device.

This essential can also allow you put link for download and so forth.

So how would make the easy Bar Code?

1. Go to part of the google open source project (trusted site)

2. Enter the link/site/download/info or whatever you like people to see ( good for business card-where customer can scan and save your info and not have to write it down)

3. Generate the code, print screen and paste onto paint and cut picture to fit your need

4. lastly put on your site, print or whatever you like you use it.


check out our download link for sample works