How to Make Your Personal College Fight Song Ring Tone

UPDATE 11.1.14

Welcome to, no charges for sign up, no monthly subscriptions, no obligations, just free stuff, you can can stream your favorite fight songs or download it via save as onto MOBILE ANDROID PHONES and set them as Ringtones. As for iPhones you have to download onto your computer and save them onto iTunes and convert them to ringtone format. There are many tutorials on how to convert downloaded mp3 to ring tone on Youtube.

We will no longer support individual requests, or converting to ringtones as of now the site is automated

But if you don’t want to deal with it and would like some to do it for you. We would suggest you look into Fiverr Services; where folks doing services for $5 and that’s including converting mp3 to ringtons

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What you need:
* fight song Audios
* Mixing Software (optional)
* Software to convert mixed audios into ring tone

First you need to get some cool fight song audios to make your personal ring tones; either from your collections of music, songs or special sounds that you have or download them of the internet. Just for those that have no time to browse, I’ve made a link to the so you can go and download your free fight song mp3 audios; however, you can also just download the already snippet fight song, to cut out the mixing part. However, if you like mixing your own read on.

Step:2 (optional)
Then you need to find the sound mixer software to mix your downloaded fight song audios into snippet part ring tones. I’d found a few softwares that can mix your audio, but Acoustica MP 3 Mixer seems to work best, with simple instructions, easy to use and operate, it can convert mp3, wave, and wav audio into dj style, and it’s free, well at least for 7-days free trial. You can download them from, and check it out. But if you don’t have time and mixing or snippet the song is not for you then move to the next step.

Of course you can get software, such as the ring tone maker to snippet, or mix your audio and convert your school fight song audio directly to ring tone format. But these can lack the mixing qualities or options that would otherwise can do with a mixer. There are a full list of ring tone maker; Magix Rington Maker 3.1, Xingtone Rington 5.0, or The Ring Tone Maker (you can download them at Google it or search the site for more ring tone maker and test them out. I usually check out the one that has the highest ratings or most downloads.

I checked out the ring tone maker and tried their free trials and I liked the simples, easy to use and it compatibles with major cell phone carriers that I actually bought the full version. With the full version; it not only allows you to covert or mix your fight song audio, but it also allows you to send your created fight song ring tone to your phone wireless, unlimited conversions, email textings, tons of other free added ring tones, and Cool Plug-ins. Another maker is Xingtone Ringtone 5.0; it allows you do the same similar functions, but the thing that interest me is not the Xingtone maker software but their web hosting. It allows people, artists or independent music makers to create their own unique ring tones (not just fight song ring tone) and built a storefront that allow people, fans to download the ring tone for free, of they have the option of setting up a storefront to promote or even sell their audios, wallpapers, the music ring tone and make some cash. Another similar web that I also like is; the ring tone web hosting, you can upload your song and mix your ring tone and set a retail price to sell your own ring tone. Keep in mind though, the web hosting do get a good percentage of sold ring tone or wallpaper if you decided to sell your created stuff.

However, if you don’t have time, the energy or don’t care to mix the fight song into ring tone, then you obviously can buy the ring tone. There are plenty of sites that offer fight songs ring tone, you can search the web and find plenty or you can click on the banner below and support us and get your ring tone!

However most of these fight song ring tone are poorly mix and only snippet the first part of the fight song, so you may not get what you want and what you are paying for, some has issue with transaction,downloading and other hidden fees. So why paying a premium for something that you don’t like or want and other hidden fees?
But if convenient is your thing and like to support us or you have no time to fiddle with mixing and converting your own ring tone, then you can obviously can get the ring tone; we’ll email you the download link to download your favorite school fight song from your phone, so no hassle of downloading,uploading it onto your phone, so Click HERE to Check it out and get your free school ring tone

Step: Final word

For those that got plenty of free time on their hand, you can download your favorite school fight song, try the ring tone maker, and make your very own fight song ring tone, and along with unlimited conversion; that’s every thing you own or can get your hand on into ring tone.

There you have it, now go create your own favorite college fight song ring tone or whichever ring tone and remember to share them with friends and family by web posting it or you can pass on the word about my blog. so enjoy!

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